I do not ask for donations but a few have said I should put this page up for people who wish to help. Maybe I’ve made them smile somewhere on this site, during the old podcast, or even on Twitter. Anyway I want to point out I do not expect anything from visitors except to take my words and maybe re-examine your own ideas of what you think homelessness is.

That being said, if you would like to donate, every penny will be used wisely in the pursuit of changing the future for the better. I’m not planning a gambling junket to Vegas or a Tahitian vacation anytime soon. Should my situation improve to the point where I am no longer homeless, I can assure you the first thing that will happen is this damn section will come down. I really hate having it up in the first place. Seriously.

There are 2 ways to make a donation, PayPal and Zelle Pay. Zelle Pay, if you’re familiar, is an ETF transfer, bank to bank, without a fee. PayPal goes from your PayPal or credit/debit card, to my PayPal account.

If using Zelle Pay:

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